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WRS Refrigeration's most frequently asked questions about our fridge and freezer repair services are answered here.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How quickly do you respond to breakdown calls?

Generally we aim to repond to the majority of callouts within 24-48 hours. If the call is urgent then we will respond ASAP day or night.

Do you sell refrigeration equipment?

No but we can provide all the spare parts and labour required to service, maintain and repair almost all types of refrigeration units.

Is it correct that some refrigeration equipment has to be checked for refrigerant gas leaks every year?

Yes it is correct. For refrigeration systems that have up to 30kgs of refrigerant gas you must, by law, have the system leak checked every year. For systems with more than 30kgs of refrigerant gas the requirement is for more regular leak checks.

How important is professional refrigeration service?

Very important. Restaurants, especially successful ones, are busy. Owners, chefs, and servers often don’t have nearly enough time to calibrate the settings on a refrigerator, check electrical panels, or gauge whether a thermometer is working correctly. This means that when a problem does occur you will not be prepared. We recommend having a professional perform thorough maintenance on your coolers to make sure they don’t break down during the dinner rush.

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